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How to make 10k US$ (or more) + 15k US$ in FREE goods in 2 months


Do you have lots of followers on IG and you would like to earn some cash? If you don’t have a lot of followers, are you keen to put in the work and grow your following?


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Would you like to make an extra 10 k USD (or more)  in cash & an additional 15k worth of FREE food and FREE  goods, food, spa treatments, fitness equipment etc., in 2 months only?


I’ve done exactly this and I am sharing my knowledge with those who would like to create a lucrative income in a fun and creative way, and live the dream life!!


Are you ready to make some cash, eat a lot of free food, get those free massages and facials in spas?


I am creating a course and will teach you exactly how to it! The online course will be released on the 1st  of November!!


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So, who is this course for? 


You can create this product in ANY industry you are in

For example:

  • Travel Bloggers & Influencers (or those who would like to become one) 
  • Fitness Models / Motivators 
  • Fashion Lovers
  • Photographers

…and many more!


You will need to work for 1-2 months, depending on your speed – this can be offline as well as online! In this course you will learn how to work with local business. After you have done your work, you are all good to travel and work location independent from where ever!



These are the things you will be learning: 


Product preparation:


1. Product Introduction (Ebook about specific topic, can be a travel guide book, can be related to fitness etc.)

2. Choosing your categories (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Vegan, Travels, Spas, Fitness Brands, Protein Powder, Clothing etc.)

3. Identifying how many business you would like to list per category 

4. Build a landing page

5. Prepare your social media kit

6. Identify which services are you able to offer?

7. Set your financial goals

8. Prepare a price list – package up your services

9. Know your competitors & how to be better

10. Reaching out to potential customers – How to pitch

11. Why it’s important to speak to the right person

12. Scheduling meetings and how to prepare for it

Sales Talk:


1. How to introduce yourself

2. Why small talk is important

3. How to pitch

4. How to find out what your potential customer wants

5. How to sell yourself & your services

6. How to close a deal on the spot

7. Why to consider payment plans

8. How to negotiate free food, travel trips & treatments

9. Which vouchers work best for your readership and why

Execution & delivery stage:


1. How to design an ebook

2. How to use the design software canvas

3. What material is needed from your customers and how to implement it

4. How to find a kick ass developer for less than £200 to create your QR scanning tracking system

5. How to create unique QR codes within the system

6. How to use the QR code system

7. How to schedule social media posts

8. Adding businesses to your landing page

9. Where to advertise your book (word smart – not hard!)

10. The importance of partnerships

11. Get your customers involved in the promotion

12. How to outsource social media activities

13. After 2 months of hustling, enjoy your free food & treatments!

14. Rinse & Repeat!

What I have learned:


1. Pros & Cons of giving away free slots

2. Pros & Cons of the scanning system


Free bonuses:

* Email templates

* Video on sales pitch

US$25 credit for GenM

* 1 month free membership in Facebook support group

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